200ml Single Wall Paper Cup

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These eco friendly cup comes with sturdy lids & Without lid  can be used for  multi purpose safe to use in microwave  and easy to carry. Ideal for hot coffee , cold coffee and other . They can hold liquids available upkgs.com


Experience eco-friendly convenience with UPKGS 200ml Single Wall Paper Cup. These cups come with sturdy lids for on-the-go sipping and are versatile for multi-purpose use. Safe to use in the microwave and easy to carry, they are perfect for hot coffee, cold coffee, and other beverages. Don’t miss the chance to grab yours now and make a sustainable choice for your daily refreshments. Available at upkgs.com.

This Eco-friendly Glass comes with sturdy lids that can be used for multi-purpose safe to use drinking to water /cold drink upkgs.com

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